Run My Festival is available on a pay-as-you-use basis – i.e. you pay a small transaction charge for each entry placed on the system. You can include this charge in your entry fees to cover your costs.

How much is the Transaction Charge?

The transaction charge is £0.45p per entry.

The Transaction Fee applies to every entry into a class regardless of the number of performers involved (i.e. solo, duet or group). Many festivals have been able increase entry fees to cover the charge and/or use savings from postage. The intention is that the transaction charge per entry should be revenue neutral for the festival.

Are there any other costs?

Yes, there is a one off setup charge of £100.

If you load the data for us how much will that cost?

The price for Data Migration depends on where the data has been held, how much there is and how easily it can be mapped to Run My Festival’s database and is entirely optional as the system can be used to setup the data. If you would like us to load your data please enquire to obtain a quote.

We want to use an online payment provider do you charge for that?

No, Run My Festival itself does not make a charge. However your online payment provider may make a charge for using their service.