Can volunteers access the software from their own home computers?

Yes, users can access it from anywhere they can get on to the internet with a pc or laptop.

Will run my festival produce details for a festival programme?

Yes, the system will generate a document which you can download and open in MS Word. You can then add an introduction, articles, advertisements etc before sending it to a printer.

Does the system create or send out receipts for entry fees?

Yes, it can automatically email receipts or print out a paper version for entrants who haven’t provided an email address.

What other documents can it produce?

The system can also create a syllabus, marking sheets, certificates and job descriptions for volunteers. It also allows you to attach any number of documents to entry confirmation and timetable emails, such as maps or a copy of a Child Protection Policy.

Can it work out how long we need to allocate for classes?

Yes, it assists you in the task of scheduling, by calculating the maximum time a class should take, based on the number of entrants and other information you enter when defining the class.

How do online entrants pay their entry fees?

You decide how the public pays their entry fees. Online payment facilities are provided by PayPal which allows payment by credit/debit cards or using their PayPal account. You can also allow the public to pay by bank transfer into your account along with older methods such as cheque or cash.

How do we pay for using run my festival?

Run my festival is available on a pay-as-you-use basis – i.e. you pay a small transaction charge for each entry placed on the system. You can include this charge in your entry fees to cover your costs.