The fast, easy way to manage your festival

Run my festival is a new computer programme, designed to make life easier for festival organisers.

  • Save time and effort with this straightforward software
  • A simple way to communicate with competitors, teachers, parents and adjudicators
  • Streamline your admin and reduce paperwork

The run my festival application was a lifesaver and I consider it forms the blueprint for future festival organisation.

John Murphy, ACA, MBA


Bristol Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

Use this simple software to reduce your workload

Anyone with very basic computer skills can use run my festival; it’s simply a case of filling in forms and saving the information – the software does all the rest for you. For example, once you’ve created a section (e.g. Piano), you simply type in the names of the classes and details of eligibility – e.g. age or grade.

The system can then:

  • Create a document that forms part of your syllabus
  • Process entries for these classes through the online entry system
  • Produce a programme for this section of your festival or competition

If some competitors prefer to enter by post, your staff simply key their details into the relevant section.

The system can produce individual timetables and email them to competitors, teachers or parents. Many teachers find this extremely useful and it helps to ensure all competitors arrive in the right place at the correct time.